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3 bands with this name 1) At Last was a Hip-Hop/RnB a cappella (also known as hiphopapella) group from Los Angeles, California. They were finalists on the first season of America's Got Talent, having won their spot through viewer votes. On America's Got Talent, At Last covered R&B songs from the 1970s such as "Let's Stay Together" and "Ain't No Sunshine". The songs they cover are given a hip hop beat, as beatboxing is a main component of the group's sound. At Last broke up in 2006 but resurfaced as a trio with the new group name Tatum Jones in 2007. Their first EP under the name Tatum Jones was released exclusively on their website. 2) a thrash metal band from belgium. releasing only one demo in 1989: Show'em you're still alive and its peace on earth for which you strive 3) A Portsmouth-based Acoustic Rock Band led by frontman, Nic Bracher. The group released an EP entitled "Walking Lucky" with 5 tracks, including the final track an acoustic version of "Passwords". More information about the up-and-coming band can be found at

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