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Atlantica biography

1. Melodic-Hardcore band from United Kingdom 2.December 11, 2003, 9:15 AM. The popular Belarusian FM station “Unistar” is broadcasting for the first time the song “Behind The Destiny” by a new Minsk group “Atlantica”. A tuneful lyrical ballad but at the same time with its specific and proper style and mood. That day is considered to be the official birthday of the group. The autumn of 2004 was very successful for “Atlantica”. The work over an upcoming longplay album was on and the group continued performing in different clubs. Pavel, who had always wanted to do something extraordinary, decided to contact a big American music distributor for radio stations all around the Globe RADIO VENTURES Inc. It was a real dare considering the fact that no Belarusian pop or rock group had ever had a chance to hit the world distribution. Two weeks later a sudden reply could shock everyone: the song “Shivering” was approved and was on the following tracklist. That event turned out to be a true break-trough for Belarusian music and a hot topic for the mass media. In August 2006 the new photo session is made and “Atlantica” records a brand-new song with a slightly philosophic sense “Better Safe Than Sorry”. Alex, Lena and Vitaly feel great together on stage. The renewed “Atlantica”, looking younger and more stylish, performs more and more often. In September Alex and Pavel decided to get back to the negotiations with famous British producer Richard Niles (Cher, Pet Shop Boys, Ronan Keating, Westlife, Joe Cocker). It is quite likely that in the on-coming year 2007 “Atlantica” will record some new material in London. According to the management, the new album will be released in February – March next year. The work is under way. Alex David and Pavel Baranovski are co-authors as usual. The arrangements are made by Bagrat Vartanian. The style is by Serguey Shchemer and Masha Melnik. And there are many more people helping the ship called “ATLANTICA” sail in the wild waters of show-biz ocean. The ship is guided by Andrey Kuleshov, the Director. There is no end of the story... (to be continued)

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