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There are at least 2 artist using that name: One being an electronica related artist, the more famous "rock"-band however is described below: Not unlike some other guitar-centered power trios, Attention Deficit delivers a very energetic jazz rock, including flashes of fiery psychedelia and getting pretty wicked at times. This supergroup’s particular value relies on the special touch delivered by each individual member. Tim Alexander’s jazz leanings have always been clearly stated from his Primus days (in fact, his drumming proved essential for that band’s overall sound during the time he was a member); Michael Manring articulates his Stanley Clarke and Les Claypool influences with a sense of energetic exquisiteness; and, last, Alex Skolnick absorbs the combined heritages of Holdsworth, Fripp and Beck with a renewing energy and a fearless urge to explore the expressive potentials that can be created by multi- varied guitar effects. The fact that the album’s material is ordained as a continuum helps to build a sense of sonic power all along: all compositions are largely based on jamming, so the musicians’ main aim is to invite the listener to let themselves go according to the various moods successively conveyed by the repertoire.

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