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Avant La Lettre is an Amsterdam based band. Their music is layered and compulsive, but als light and lucid at the same time. In 2009 they released a home-recorded demo and were picked by 3VOOR12 as Hollandse Nieuwe. Later that year they played an extensive Popronde tour. In 2010 they were chosen to record two tracks with JB Meijers for Muziek Centrum Nederland’s Unsigned project. The tracks were released on a compilation album called “Sixpack, what’s in a song?“. In 2011 recordings took place for their forthcoming album. They worked with JB Meijers and Ken Stringfellow. In October they signed a deal with Rough Trade, and officially announced the release of an album in January 2012. A track from the album, “Jesus Come Back”, was released as a preview and can be heard or downloaded here. ALL blog: www.notforsaletothepublic.com ALL on facebook: Avant La Lettre on Facebook ALL on Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/avantlalettre

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