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Everything started in the summer of 2005, when Nick and Massimiliano (Sentence's member) decided to begin a new project, a new band, focused on a common message, but it was just an idea, nothing of really concrete. After a couple of months Enrico (Sentence's member) joined the band and we started to write a couple of songs, but the problem was not resolved. We couldn't find a drummer for almost 1 year...but one day, Raffaele (Ex Reprisal) joined with us, and the line up was almost completed. Next Alessandro (Sentence's member) and later Luca (Shall I Die's member) joined the band as voices, so right now everything is set. Unfortunally after a short time Alessandro decided to quit the band for some personal reasons. So now Luca is the only singer for Awaken Demons. We're just a friendly straight edge band, some members are vegan, vegetarian and meat eater as well, but the whole band have just the sxe in common. Nobody has to see us like a Vegan band just because we have some ex Reprisal member. Raffaele has been the first Reprisal drummer and he's never been vegan or vegetarian. So please don't call us a vegan band, it'd be a big disappointment to all the people who believe in this movement. We have shared the stage with bands like: First Blood, Full Blown Chaos, Since The Flood, Meltdown, No Turning Back, Watch Your Step, Agnostic Front, Evergreen Terrace, Sworn Enemy, Teamkiller, Samaritan, AFB, Rhinoceros, Blood Stands Still, American Me and much more.

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