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Awim biography

AWIM began as a collaboration between Anna He, an Israeli singer songwriter.and Jean-Pierre Taïeb a well-known composer and producer in France. From the very start, he was an anchoring point for Anna He's deep sensibility. It was a virtuous alliance. As Anna He lets herself be discovered through the music, through her intimate lyrics she also unveils the strength of her inner world.Her music emerged in fragments,evoking suffering, madness, desire, and hope.The major colors are discernible,imposing a pop flavor on a melancholic groove.Anna He's writing is sometimes surrounded by straight-ahead and ephemeral guitars, sometimes calmed by delicate motifs of electric piano. Over the course of time, Jean-Pierre and Anna have merged their personalities into a singular and unique identity: Angels Whisper in Me (AWIM). Less than a year ago, AWIM has come to the United States to find a larger audience for their music, and with their home base in Seattle, went through a long process of auditions to form a band, and are currently in rehearsals, preparing to perform.

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