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Ayabie biography

AYABIE is a Japanese band, formed in 2010 by four members from the disbanded band 彩冷える. AYABIE has currently four members: 夢人 (Yumehito) on vocals, タケヒト (Takehito) on guitar, インテツ (Intetsu) on bass and KENZO on drums. Directly after the disbandment of 彩冷える, it was announced that a new band was formed by the members, but without vocalist Aoi, who wanted a solo career. On September 17, the new band's website was launched, and they also announced the band name, AYABIE. The name stylized uppcased and in latin letters not to be confused with their previous disbanded band 彩冷える. AYABIE released their 1st Demo-Single on October 22, 2010 during their live at SHIBUYA O-EAST. During the winter, they're out on a oneman-tour "AYABIE tour'10~11 Virgin Snow Color-2nd season-" in Japan with a final show at Akazaka BLITZ on January 6, 2011. A full album was released on December 1st, 2010. The album is entitled "Virgin Snow Color -2nd season-" and was released in 3 different types. They also have an alter-ego band called DEATHBIE. Official homepage: http://www.ayabie.co.jp/

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