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B-front biography

The dutch DJ and producer Bob van der Palen, who is nowadays known to the hardstyle world as B-Front started producing his own music at the young age of 10. In the beginning he was producing trance music and released his first record "Motherfucking Psycho/Jumping" on the record label DJS Records at the age of 15. B-Front started gaining popularity in 2005 when his track "Lunatick" hit the charts. As a result, B-Front gained a lot of exposure in 2008 when he played at the world's biggest outdoor festival Defqon 1. A breakthrough came when he got a call from the big hardstyle label "Fusion Records". He made a contract with the label and has since written his name in the list of the biggest hardstyle producers. In the hardstyle scene B-Front is known for his rough and raw vision of hardstyle. His big hits include "Inner Creativity", "Magic" and "Virus". He has collaborated with big hardstyle names such as Zany, Frontliner and Alpha². In 2012 he finally accomplished one of his big goals when he was selected to play at 24th of November in the great indoor hard dance music festival Qlimax's main stage line up. As hardstyle is gaining popularity, is B-Front as well with the likes of his recent hit "Mysterias".

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