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Brian Reith, better known by his stage name B. Reith, is a Christian hip hop and pop musician from Brown Deer, Wisconsin. B. Reith's musical career began when he released an independent album, Urgent Message, in 2003. Not many recording artists carry the titles “singer, rapper, songwriter & producer” and stand out in each category. But Gotee Records’ latest signing B.Reith defies expectations and excels in each of these roles. When Gotee founder Toby Mac first heard B.Reith’s (born Brian Reith) music in 2006 he pulled his car over to the side of the road. “It’s amazing when God truly gives someone a gift,” says Toby. “Brian is just naturally gifted from God vocally and his lyrics, when they hit tape, they sort of just ease into your heart.” Two years later in 2008, B.Reith finished his debut release The Forecast EP. The five-song EP showcases Brian’s range and depth as a lyricist and musician. From the clever humor of “Go On” in which he explains how to pronounce his name (“It’s messed up when they can’t say your name right, B.Reeth, B.Right naw B.Reith!”) to the compelling message of “Cold World”, in which he pleads “don’t lose yourself in it.” The soulful melodies and rich chord progressions of “Awe-Struck” and “Rain Down” showcase B’s skills as an arranger and a communicator of heartfelt and sophisticated material. Reith's first full-length album, Now Is Not Forever, was released on September 22, 2009 through Gotee Records. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Lauryn Hill, B.Reith comes from a unique place that combines classic soul with modern hip hop. “God gave me an ear to pick up things,” says Brian. “My style is just an accumulation of what I’ve heard throughout my life, channeled through the unique talents that God has given me.” Brian grew up in Milwaukee and began singing on commercials at the age of five. His father, Jim Reith, has owned a recording studio since Brian learned how to walk. "I literally grew up in that studio," says Brian. "I took it for granted when I was young. I ran from music and tried to live like the Average Joe. But over time I realized that music is what I'm best at, it is what I was built for." It wasn’t until 8th grade that he discovered his knack for rhyming. Now the combination of the two is what defines his exclusive sound. “I get bored just singing or just rapping. I can say a lot more through rapping, then drive home a theme with a great hook.” B.Reith speaks the relevant dialect of today’s culture, and has the heart to address real issues, presenting hope and shedding light into this decaying world. “My number one passion is to connect with people, to entertain them, to stir up emotion in them, and to challenge them by sharing life from a different perspective. There is something we’re all yearning for. I’m just trying to help direct our attention to it, and music is the most powerful way I know how.” “Trust me, B.Reith is a man of character too,” says Toby. “He’s a guy that truly walks what he talks.”

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