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B-shoc biography

It didn't happen overnight. B-SHOC's switch from a successful night life artist to fully devoting his life to Jesus as a Christian entertainer was a process. Bryan Edmonds, aka B-SHOC, was raised in a Christian home and accepted Christ as his Savior at a very young age. He knew Jesus his whole life. At the age of 16, B-SHOC's heart started beating to the beat of rap music. Falling in love with the style, he pursued a career. With the success came the "rock-star" lifestyle which consisted of partying and women. Between performing and promoting, this fast life locked B-SHOC in the night clubs almost every night of the week. The chase for fame and money, and never seeming to reach satisfaction began to fill his heart with emptiness. Reaching a state of depression, B-SHOC became tired of the race. Knowing that God had his hand on him the whole time, B-SHOC knew it was time to run back to Him. B-SHOC disappeared from the scene for quite some time. After time off and prayer, he came back with quite an announcement... "From here on out, I'm making Jesus music!" What a shock! Losing some fans and even some friends didn't stop B-SHOC from pursuing his calling. Since then God has opened many doors for B-SHOC, traveling around the country, packing concerts full of energy and excitement for Jesus. B-SHOC's passion is to show people that praising God can be so much fun. Thru his concerts and CDs, he prays more people come to know Jesus and develop a closer relationship with Him. He gives ALL Glory to God.

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