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B-twinz biography

B-twinz is an Italian duo formed by Flower 2k & Morgan En-Thai Dj Flower's career started in 2001. After a lot of practice on his dj set at home, he began his adventure spinning for Planet Music an Italian organization that organized their parties at different clubs in Italy. In 2005/06 he started a project “Noize Generators” with his good friend Micky Joint which quickly became very popular in the Italian Hardstyle scene.. Morgan began his career in 2004 but as a vocalist (Italian MC). In 2006 Morgan hooked up with the Noize Generators and also started to perform as a Dj. In 2008 Micky Joint separated from the act and the Noize Generators project was stopped and Flower and Morgan started a new project: The B-Twinz!! With the help of another good friend, B-Twinz started their own new Hardstyle Label “WHite Blood Records” in 2009. In Febraury 2009 their first release on vinyl "B-Twinz - Sex FM/Showroom " was a fact. A few short months later they released "B-Twinz - The Empire Of The Hardest Styles". In September 2009 they were offered a chance to join the All Dance Bookings family. Now as exclusive All Dance Bookings artists these to very talented Italians are ready to show the world what they’ve got. They are the future of Italian Hardstyle!!!

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