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B12 biography

B12 is a British electronic music duo consisting of Mike Golding and Steve Rutter. Golding and Rutter, who shy away from the press and rarely give interviews, have also released material under the monikers Musicology, Redcell and Cmetric, and distribute their material on their own B12 record label. Their sound is usually categorized as techno or intelligent dance music (IDM). Their first full-length album, Electro-Soma, is a collection of early work (some tracks originally released under the Musicology and Cmetric names) which was released by Warp Records in 1993. Their music also appeared on the Warp compilation album Artificial Intelligence. A printing error on the CD insert indicates that this album contains twelve tracks, and in fact it has thirteen ("Drift", originally thought to be available only on the vinyl version of the album, is in fact on the CD release too). In 1996 the pair returned with Time Tourist, which contained mostly new material. The track "Scriptures" was previously released in 1994 on the Artificial Intelligence II compilation. Both albums were re-released in the United States on the Wax Trax! Records/TVT label. The brief 3EP followed in 1998, marking a change in sound from the heavy influence of Detroit techno which had characterized their previous albums. The EP was not released in the United States. Also known as B.12

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