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B4-4 biography

b4-4 is a Canadian boy band from Toronto, Canada. The band has 3 members: twins Ryan and Dan Kowarsky, and Ohad Einbinder. Although friends for several years, the group did not officially form until 1999. After spontaneously walking into Sony Records Toronto office, the group performed impromptu for Sony's A&R head and chief recording engineer. Impressed, the trio was signed to the label, and the album b4-4 was produced. b4-4 had moderate success in Canada. Notable singles include "Get Down", "Go Go", and "Everyday". The album earned them a nomination for Best New Group at the 2001 Juno Awards. Their second album, Before That, marked the beginning of a new rap attitude with hard hitting lyrics for gay rights. The album generated a minor buzz but is largely unknown due to the fact of their splitup.

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