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There are several artists using this name: Baal, Serbia BAAL is formed by Andrej Acin in late 80's/beg 90-s. Album "Izmedju Bozanstva I Nistavila" is released in 1993 for Sorabia Disc. Details available on: Baal, Denmark Baal is a danish rock band founded in 1994 by David Kampmann and Bjørn Fjæstad. The genre varies from rock, pop and electronica to a kind of easy listening. Their first album called Sensorama (1996) recieved great reviews and award nominations. Following releases ('Karaoke' in 1998, 'Funtex' in 1999, 'The Supreme Machine' in 2002 and 'Do You Come With Special Features?' in 2005) didn't recieve the same attention though. The band is also known for producing music for several theatre performances and campaign spots in Denmark. Baal, El Paso, Texas, USA, a Death Metal band from the 90's with founding member Erich King who also goes by Spooky Doom in the Industrial Metal band Cat As Trophy. Baal, Japan BAAL strives to create a sense of unlimited energy borne from a powerful living body. The band's sound is created as an original, pure art form, built upon repeated clashes of shattered programming sounds. BAAL came into being in June 2005 as the next evolutionary step for CHRONOTRIGGER, the band's former name. In both guises, the band has been at the forefront of spreading the Digital Heavy Industrial sound concept throughout Japan's underground scene. As CHRONOTRIGGER, the band played many shows across Japan's industrial and dark music scenes including Android 666, the Kobe Underground Festival and Auto-Mod's Tokyo Dark Castle - Japan's leading live Gothic event. During this period, the band also released its demo CD featuring the tracks "On the Surface" and "Judgment." The name BAAL was adopted in June 2005, reflecting the band's conceptual evolution and reinforcing its identity as part of Japan's underground scene. Baal, US John Dixon have been releasing noise music as Baal since the mid 90's. Baal, Scotland Baal were a Doom band based in Scotland, they formed in 2000 and split up in 2008 after releasing 3 EPs.

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