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At least six bands with this name are known in the following countries: Australia, UK, Norway, Russia, France, Brazil. 1. Black metal band from Australia, formed in 1995 and is now split up the last known lineup was Bolthorn - doing vocals, bass and guitars and flame doing keyboards and drums Bolthorn is Rob Scavenger from urgrund they released 2 demos a split and a full length before splitting up 2. A Black Metal band from Great Britain. Other Details Formed In Late 1999 by Razakel And Zaharoth, A Solo Project In The Small Town Of Newark, (Formerly Known as Black Death), Several Years after this Zaharoth and Razakel Went their Separate Ways, to Create Various Music Projects. 2006: Black death Was Resurrected With a new name (Baalberith) and anew Line-up Consisting Of Razakel - Vocals Azhagoth – Guitar Jeo - Drums With This Line-up Baalberith Played Its First 2 Live Shows In There town Of Newark For Rottencore Promotions!!!! 2007: The Band Once Again Broke up.... 2008: the Band Returned to Live Onstage Action Featuring a New Line-up of... Razakel - Vocals Adramalech - Guitar, Eligos - Bass Valefar - Drums This Era of The Band Went On To Record A Full Length Album (For The Glory Of Blasphemic Supremacy)... 2009: 31st October... Baalberith parted ways with guitarist Adramalech. This saw the debut of Abbadon, writing for the bestial creation demo began. 2010: saw Baalberith playing in support to the mighty Norwegians Ragnarok... Eligos Left the band... immediately replaced by Tanngrisnir. Work has started on a 2010 full length album. And various split/compilation releases. It’s truly taking these guys a long time to get on the road to success. Shows are booked, songs are written, the New EP is pending, and all the guys are ready to...UNLEASH HELL ON EARTH

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