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Baaz biography

Baaz from Würzburg first came into contact with electronical music in 1997, by the age of 15, when by chance his attention was attracted by "Homework" from Daft Punk. Apart from the big interest in Hip Hop, it was heading more and more for electronical music with a 4/4 beat from then on. It continued with the first bought records, Germany/Hessen's club landscape, and music by Perlon, Basic Channel and the early Playhouse sound towards housemusic. Around 2000 he encountered the music of Theo Parrish, Moodymann and more stuff from US, that remaind the biggest and most importand influences so far. At about that time the first DJ gigs and the motivation to produce music himself came about. After 7 years and some demos, his first record appeared on Agnes' swiss label Sthlmaudio in december 2007.

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