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'Baba Yaga,' according to Slavic mythology, is the wild, old women, the dark lady and the mistress of magic, as too is she seen as a forest spirit, leading hosts of spirits. More than one artist is known as Baba Yaga. 1. A six piece all female lesbian jazz-funk group active in the 70s. 2. Baba Yaga was a group of Hungarian and Russian musicians fronted by Irish musician Jamie Winchester. The music was a unique mixture of original English language songs and Russian folk songs. They made two albums 'Where Will You Go?' and 'Secret Combination'. Neither appears to have been available in the UK. Both albums can be found with song titles in Russian, but here they are in English. The third album in this set is a collection of early demos and songs, several of which appear on the other two albums in different form. 3. An English\German Prog Rock band who's first album features nice arrangements and heavy use of Mellotron and who's second album is a beautiful mix of Seventies electronics and Persian classical instrumentation. This second album, 'Collage', is a Krautrock / Experimental music gem. 4. Baba Yaga were an all-female crusty doom band from Seattle in the late '90s. Released a two song demo, "Taker of Souls". They eventually evolved into the band Grey. 5. Black metal from North Yorkshire, UK. 6. French band which plays klezmer and balkan based music.

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