Babamars top 20 songs


Babamars biography

Babamars was formed in 2000 in Montpellier, France. Its electro pop-rock music is influenced by 70's and 80's artists and groups, like the Beatles, the Beastie Boys, Beck, Pixies and New Order. Current members of Babamars are Walter de Castro, Yoshi From Tokyo, Gésa Hansen, Romano Tran, Alex Tran and Kevin string. Since the beginning they have received critical acclaim as writers, composers and performers which lead to them winning the Top Music Award in 2000 in Montpellier. Early 2002 saw them start recording at their home studio in Paris and in September 2003 they won the "Attention Talent" Scene Award in France. A first album, "Whatever happened to all our pionners?", was released in June 2004, under the label Warm Music. Its second album, "Surprising Twists", is about to come out soon.

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