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There are eight groups with this name. 1* BaBe - with both "B"s capitalized - is Tomoko Kondo (近藤 智子) and Yukari Nikaido (二階堂 ゆかり), a Japanese pop duo who notably sang the end theme for the anime "Project A-Ko 3". (* See also: BaBe) 2* Babe (Grandmothers) is a rock band from Belgrade, Serbia. 3* Babe is a Finnish Eurodance group. 4* Babe is a rock band from Sankt Augustin, Germany. 5* Babe is a "girl-next-door" pop act from Berlin, Germany. 6* Babe is a Dutch girl band. 7* Babe is an American pop punk band affiliated with Teenage Prayer. 8* Babe is a Scottish/French band created by Gerard Black. 2* The band was formed in 1992 as a side project of Bajaga i Instruktori member Žika Milenković (vocals, guitar), Električni Orgazam member Goran Čavajda (vocal, drums) and Riblja Čorba member Zoran Ilić (guitar). Bass guitar was played by Zoran Vasić, who previously played with Ilić in Bezobrazno Zeleno. During the recording of the band's first album Slike iz života jednog idota ("Images from an Idiot's Life") Vasić left the band and a former U Škripcu member Dejan Škopelja became Babe's new bass guitarist. Babe's debut album brought Milenković's humorous songs about drunks, drug dealers and frustrated erotomaniacs. Album featured Margita Stefanović, Vidoja Božinović, Del Arno Band members and other guest musicians. After the album was released Babe went on a tour with Riblja Čorba, and in 1994 they released a cassette 4 Babe pesme ("4 Babe Songs") featuring songs "Novogodišnja pesma", "Loša navika", "Reći ćemo hvala kad bude karnevala" and "Dizel" (cover of Tommy Roe's song "Dizzy"). In 1995 Babe released Lažne slike o ljubavi ("False Images of Love"), but the album did not reach the success of previous releases, although songs "Ko me ter'o" and "Mesnica" became radio hits. Album fetaured a cover of "Strangers in the Night", Babe version tittled "Stranac usranac". At the time Čavajda left the band, and Vlada Cvetković became band's new drummer. At the begginig of 1998 Babe released a compilation album P.S Babe which featured new songs "Hoću da budem predsednik Srbije", "Zadnja noć" and "Mladi ludi svet". Album Slike sna i jave (Samo za buntovnike) ("Images of Dream and Awakeness (For Rebels Only)") was released with new members: Vladan Nedeljkov (guitar) and Blagoje Nedeljković (drums). Song "Mexico" was written in 1982 during Milenković's work with band Mačori. "U sukobu 2 pola" is a cover of Hazel O'Connor's song "Touch Too Much". After 1999 NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and after Milenković's main band Bajaga i Instruktori released Zmaj od Noćaja in 2000, Babe edned their activity. Studio albums Slike iz života jednog idota (ITVMM 1993) 4 Babe pesme (ITVMM 1994) Lažne slike o ljubavi (PGP RTS 1995) Slike sna i jave (Samo za buntovnike) (ITMM 1999) Former members Žika Milenković Zoran Ilić Goran Čavajda Bojan Vasić Zoran Ilić Dejan Škopelja Vlada Cvetković Vladan Nedeljkov Blagoje Nedeljković 8* From a Moshi Moshi post on Soundcloud []: Babe are a Scottish/French band created by Gerard Black (Francois & The Atlas Mountains, Bill Wells' National Jazz Trio of Scotland, ex-Findo Gask). Aerialist Barbette is the first single taken from their debut album due for release in March 2014 on Moshi Moshi Records. Treat yourself to a beautiful limited edition print, the chance to appear in a series of 5 short films and the album on limited edition 12" vinyl by being part of the album process here:

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