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Babel Fish are a popular Norwegian-based pop-rock quartet. With their unique approach towards music and their affable intra-band camaraderie, Babel Fish are now poised to bring their delightfully dynamic pop music to the masses. As with their literary namesake, the songs and sentiments of Babel Fish are certain to translate into the world's heart. Babel Fish entered the second pre-selection of Melodi grand prix 2011 january 22th in Florø. Albums: Babel Fish (Atlantic, 1998) Coming Up for Air (Warner, 2002) Come Closer - The Best of Babel Fish (Warner Music, september 2011) Singles: Mania (1997) Light of Day (1998) Turning the Blind Eye (1998) Out of the Blue (1998) Some Day Soon (2002) Blah Blah Blah (2002) Killing Time (2002) Coming up for Air (2002) Depend on Me (2011) Come Closer (2011)

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