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Babet biography

Élisabeth Maistre, better known under the pseudonym of Babet, is a French singer and musician born September 4, 1977 in Montpellier. She joined Dionysos in 1997 for their second album. She participated in the group as a violinist and singer (banjo, castanets and keyboard as well). On first appearances with the group, she was named Elizabeth Ferrer (her maiden name). In parallel with her participation in Dionysos , in 2007 she launched her first solo album "Drôle d'oiseau". The first single was "Le Marin", followed by "C'est quand déjà" and "Body club". Her second album, Piano Monstre, was released September 27, 2010. She is married to Andy Maistre, a member of Houdini.

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