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Brothers Joe and David Stark teamed up to form a stripped-down rock and roll duo called Baby Bee in the fall of 2011, inspired by classic 50s and 60s rock. After recording an independent seven song EP with producer Dave Cobb, the brothers quickly began earning a loyal following close to their home in South Louisiana. “We wanted to do a project with just us two, and really get back to the basics,” has said lead singer and guitarist Joe. And Baby Bee does indeed get back to the basics with their songs' musical sophistication matching the house-on-fire immediacy with which they play them. The sons of musician parents, being no strangers to boozy Mardi Gras parties and other shindigs, these brothers write their music with one foot in swampy sounding roots rock and the other in a pool of infectious pop-inspired melodies. The band has an instinctual inclination to write songs with big choruses and a boogie-fueled beat hoping to make everyone want to move their feet. In 2012, Baby Bee signed a record deal with Universal Republic, who teamed the band up with super producer Brendan O’Brien. In less than a month, they flushed out and recorded four songs with O’Brien in Nashville, Tennessee. "He knew exactly what to do to capture our sound and make it feel like it was jumping out of the speakers", the band felt, saying it proudly and going on, "we wanted to perform great for him cause we respect him so much." Their album was designed to showcase the band's unique way of blending influences from their upbringing with an urgency that feels almost explosively upbeat. In 2013, their full-throttle hard rock single "High Heel Leather Boots" came out to much fan acclaim. Website:

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