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Baby Bitch were the finest rock 'n' roll band to ever disgrace a stage. Combining infectious pop melodies with punk energy and a metallic stomp, accompanied with a twisted sense of humour and an unhealthy fixation with Crispin Glover, their unforgettable tunes and charismatic presence were utterly irresistable. Formed in 2005, the lineup consisted of: Stephen James Buckley - Vocals/Guitar Wayne Cole - Drums/Vocals Adam Kendall - Guitar/Vocals Sean Womack - Bass The Bitch gigged extensively throughout the UK, and picked up a loyal following. Mostly young and female. Baby Bitch split at the end of 2008, reportedly after being sued by Stevie Buckshot of mustache-rockers HELLO BAMBOO, because Stephen's voice sounded too similar to his. Their legacy remains, hewn into the living rock, of Last FM.

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