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There are two artists known as Baby Boy: 1) Baby Boy Da Prince is a rapper from New Orleans. His rap career began at the age of 16 opening for No Limit in his hometown. The name "Baby Boy" was given to him by his manager Melvin and he has always called himself "Da Prince". In 2004 Baby Boy and a local management company, Bosshogg Entertainment, signed a deal with Extreme Entertainment. In 2005 he opened for 50 Cent, Paul Wall, and Juvenile on tour, spreading his fame outside of New Orleans. In August, Baby Boy experienced Hurricane Katrina firsthand "On [his] block floating with everybody else." The storm left him in a trailer where he wrote new music preparing for a comeback. In 2006 the radio station Q93 (WQUE) started playing Baby Boy's single "The Way I Live" and within three weeks, it was the number one record. It has currently peaked at number 41 on the Billboard Hot 100. Universal Republic Records took notice and signed Baby Boy Da Prince as its premiere Hip Hop act. Additionally, he recorded "The Way I Live- Saints Remix" to celebrate the New Orleans Saints recent success, and has become a success in the New Orleans community, where it is being played locally. He updated and remade the remix and let local radio station B97 (WEZB) host it on their website, where it is available for download. Marerro rapper Twinn The Rap Rocky made an answer Record called "The Way I Really Live" to diss Choppa and Baby Boy. The video can be seen here. 2) Baby Boy is also a Baton Rouge post-hardcore band containing 3 members of the sludge/doom metal band Thou (Josh, Andy and Mitch). So far they have only one limited tour cd released in 2010 which is also to be released as a split with Small Bones and it can be purchased from their bandcamp page:

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