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There are 2 Artists that go by the name Baby D. 1. Baby D was a UK-based dance (Euro house/breakbeat techno) band best known for their UK Number 1 single "Let Me Be Your Fantasy" in 1992. Vocals were provided by Dorothy Fearon (also known as Baby D) and Nino (also the MC and keyboardist), with Claudio Galdez on additional keyboards and windsynth. Floyd Dyce was the writer/ producer for the band in their very early days and also credited as keyboardist on occasion. The band had 2 other Top 10 singles, I Need Your Loving (which was a cover of The Korgis 80s hit Eveybody's Gotta Learn Sometime) and So Pure, as well as numerous other less successful hits. The band continue to tour colleges, Universities and clubs throughout the UK. 2. Underground Atlanta rapper, Baby D (born as David B. on November 5, 1983) was only 16 when his first album, Off Da Chain, was released in 2000 on Big Oomp Records. Two years later his follow up, Lil' Chopper Toy was released to much underground acclaim. A major label bidding war ensued, garnering the young MC a multi-million dollar deal with Epic Records.

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