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Baby Dee (born 1953 in Cleveland, OH, United States), is a performance artist / harpist / accordionist / singer-songwriter. Her latest release is "A Book of Songs for Anne Marie". In NYC, Dee is best known as the badly angelic, Shirley Temple obsessed, high riding cat that ruled the streets of 90s Lower Manhattan. Her quest for adventure and little fishes led her to become the bilateral hermaphrodite of Coney Island Circus Sideshow and Kamikaze Freak Show. Michael Musto calls her "a fabulous accordionist" and "ingenious harpist". Time Out calls her "the nightclub sensation". The LA Times calls her "hilariously bawdy". She has worked with Marc Almond, Will Oldham, Andrew Wilkes-Krier (aka Andrew W.K.), Robbie Lee, Maxim Moston (Antony and the Johnsons), William Breeze (Psychic TV), John Edward Contreras II (aka John Contreras), James Lo (Chavez) and Lia Kessel. She has also toured extensively with Current 93 (piano, harp) and has opened concerts for The Dresden Dolls. Baby Dee now lives in seclusion, having taken vows as a novitiate of the Little Sisters of Crabby Doom (Cleveland order dedicated to the care of smelly old men).

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