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With singles like 'Oochy Koochy' in the late 1980s, Peter 'Baby' Ford quickly established himself as a leading producer/DJ of the first-wave UK acid house scene. Since that time, Ford's work has become a hugely refined affair; the slew of interrelated labels that he had a hand in throughout the 1990s, and which largely gave air to his collaborative ventures with DJ/producer Mark Broom (Ifach, Trelik and Pure Plastic amongst them), became reliable outlets for concise, and often highly regarded EPs of tech-house, many of which have had an invisible influence upon today's producers of electronic dance music. Artists such as Plaid and Stasis released work via Pure Plastic. Albums such as 'Headphone Easy Rider' and 'Sacred Machine', are often attributed to the Ifach Collective. Ford's work has also been remixed by many lights of the techno underground, and not least The Aphex Twin.

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