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The project was brought into completion 6 years ago and has performed ever since on many international festivals and concerts. The music and the story are recorded on a double CD and DVD, which participate in the BBC 3 radio competition in the "World Music" section. This debut on the air of the world-famous radio station has provoked huge interest. Unfortunately the lack of a precise musical category to fit this multi-national band was a sufficient obstacle to cancel its participation for the future. However, the indisputable success of this first and unique musical mega project in the domain of Ethno and World music has inspired its initiators and "ideological creators" – Krassi Jeliazkov and Peter Petrov – to continue with the next challenge: Balkan horses II. Popular and recognized names from the Balkan and international music scene will participate once again in the Balkan horses II band, only this time they will be "backed up" by a 20 people string orchestra, constituted by talented young Bulgarian performers. If one should describe these musicians, who gather on one scene wanting to create a musical journey in time, they are people attracted to the idea of establishing foundations between cultures, ethnos and traditions. They interlace past, present and future in their music, using the specifics of Balkan folklore. Together they will draw a picture of the Balkans through a music that unites the intonations of every different country on it. Folklore rhythms and melodies will be interpreted by modern sounds and methods, combining jazz, rock, pop, ambient and new age. The world-famous wooden pipe player and frequent participant in Peter Gabriel's projects – Djivan Gasparian – known as the "voice" of Armenia – will also play for the Balkan horses II. His music appears on more than 11 original movie soundtracks, like "The Last Temptation of Christ" and "Gladiator". The first-night performance of this second edition of Balkan Horses Band will take place as the concluding concert at the 80th jubilee of the prestigious international music fest "Varna Summer 2006" on the 7th of July this year in the Summer Theatre in the town of Varna, Bulgaria. The continuation of a story that has begun six years ago will certainly become a thrilling experience for all guests of the festival, as well as for the Bulgarian musical lifestyle. The Balkan Horses II are: Djivan Gasparian - Armenian wooden pipe (Armenia) Erkan Ogur - kopuz, fretless guitar, voice (Turkey) Vlatko Stefanovski - electric guitar (Macedonia) Kostadin Genchev - kaval (Bulgaria) Marko Ramljak - violin (Croatia) Stoyan Royanov - clarinet (Bulgaria) Yiotis Kiourtsoglou - bass (Greece) Kostas Anastasiadis - drums (Greece) Krassi Jeliazkov - acoustig guitars & Bulgarian tamboura (Bulgaria) Plamen Mirchev, keyboards, programming (Bulgaria) Strings Orchestra - 20 people (Bulgaria)

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