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Bambino biography

Miguel Vargas Jiménez was born in the 12th of february of 1940 in Utrera, Sevilla (Spain). He got his artistic name when he performed `Bambino Piccolino´ in one of the first editions of the Potaje Gitano of Utrera. Because of his special way of singing partyin´ flamenco, by rumba and buleria, he got the title of the King of the Rumba. His music influenced groups like Los Chunguitos, Las Grecas and Los Chichos and we can mention "La pared" (BMG, 1992), "The collection" (BMG, 1995), "Resucité" (Senador, 1996) and "Éxitos" (Senador, 1999) as some of his best albums. He retired from the public scene in 1997 and died in the same town in which he was born in 1999.

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