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Banda Elastica is an eclectic outfit from Mexico which has been around for more than 20 years. Their music is a feast of progressive rock, jazz-fusion, Zappa-freakouts and mariachi & other mexican folklore music. Known for their virtuous approach to instruments and composition they have lasted and remained underground and uncompromised. The line-up is as follows: Guillermo Portillo Hoffman (Flauta, Saxofón barítono) José Navarro (Marimba, Percusiones) Guillermo González Phillips (Guitarra) Sósimo Hernández (Bajo) Luis Miguel Costero (Batería) David Barret (Saxofón alto y soprano) Juan Alzate (Saxofón tenor y alto) In 1986 they edit their first recording, titled simply “Banda Elastica”. So far they have produced six albums: *Banda Elastica (1986) *2 (1989) *Los Awakates De Nepantla (1992) * Mequizcoatl (1995) * Catalogo De Tiraderos (1999) * Aitencargo (2003)

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