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There are at least seven bands called 'Bandit'. 1. Nashville indie-rock band. The brainchild of Angela Plake put out its debut full-length, 'Of Life,' in January of 2015 on Broken Circles records. 2. UK's Bandit are mostly remembered for their connection to AC/DC, being the former band of bassist, Cliff Williams. After Williams departed his prior band, Home, he and vocalist Jim Diamond drafted a few other musicians for their new project, Bandit. Arista Records were quick to show interest and by 1977, their self-titled debut had hit record store shelves. Sales were slow and minimal, prompting a return to the studio in 1978, which yielded "Partners In Crime". Though the debut was bluesy hard rock, this album saw the band evolving toward a softer AOR sound. Again sales were weak and when AC/DC requested Cliff's services in 1979, he quickly bailed and Bandit were finished. Members defected to Buck's Fizz in the following years. 3. USA's Bandit act sprang from the Pacific Northwest in late 1974 and featured Joey Newman on guitar and keyboards. Newman was quite a figure on the scene, having been a member of Don & the Good Times, Blue Mountain Eagle, Touch and the infamous, Stepson. Bringing his own experience to the fold was drummer Dan Gorman, who had previously played with Los Angeles superstars, The Yellow Payges. Rounding out the lineup were guitarist Davis Della Rosa, bassist Kevin Barnhill and vocalist Tommy Eaton. It's safe to assume that Newman's association with ABC Records during sessions for Stepson's sole release, is at least partly responsible for the formation of Bandit and their self-titled debut, which they issued in 1975. Taking cues from Stepson, as well as other heavy soul influenced acts like Crow and Mother's Finest, the band's sound was a bit out of sync with much of what was popular in the mid 70's and ultimately this direction was their undoing. The band began imploding at the end of a short tour supporting numerous larger acts and by 1976, ABC chose to drop the band, signaling their death the same year. Little is known about the subsequent activities of the members, though Newman did work with the Osmonds and Shaun Cassidy in later years. 4. Bandit is a hard rock band from Germany that put out only one album, Tuff 'N Dirtee, in 1992. Line up: Bernd Mader (vocals), Chris Kolb (guitar), Dave Chow (bass), Andi Nitsch (drums) 5. A Swiss Rapper who is founder of Luut & Tüütli and performs as Hip Hop artist 'Bandit'. In October 2008 he published his first solo album 'Dr letscht wos git', featuring Mondo Marcio and german artist Kool Savas. In February 2010 his second album 'Zrugg id Zuäkunft' featuring Franky Kubrick and Lou Geniuz was published by the label 'Nation Music'. 6. Bandit is a hip-hop artist from Long Beach, California--home to Snoop Dogg & Warren G.-- Born in the CPT, and raised in the LBC, he is currently signed to the up-and-coming Robbery Records. 7. The most current is a hardcore psy-trance band from Japan. 8. Japanese hardcore from the mid 90's. Members went on to form the band A.I. 9. A french classical-electronic composer 10. Bandit was a great NJ/NY based sleaze/hard rock band. Members : Dan Wos, Frank Melick, Mike Pratt, Paul LoCascio Record Label : Iron Cat Records

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