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Bang Band SiXXX is another project from Jon Crosby (VAST). It features a more electronic sound to the later VAST releases. Jon says of the project: “We all have different voices, characters and moods. We wear different hats on different days. The side of myself I show through my art, lyrics and music is real. The difference between musicians and actors is musicians do not usually play characters. We do not recite words from a prewritten script. The emotions I exude and express are real. The songs are stories but they are not fiction stories. The part of me someone experiences through my art is real. But, that is not to say it is all of who I am. There is a side of me that wants to take all the love in my heart and send it to the world. Good Johnny. However, there is another side. I call this side Davey Jones and he sings for a Bang Band SiXXX. I think the answer for dealing with our demons is to find a healthy cathartic release. The demons are going to find a way out so you might as well do it in a way that causes the least damage. VAST, my recent solo acoustic work and Bang Band SiXXX might confuse people if they want a solid answer as to whether or not they are different projects. I do not think of Bang Band SiXXX as a VAST album or a side project. I view Bang Band SiXXX as me showing a different side of myself. VAST is operating on a higher chakra level than BB6. VAST is about love and Bang Band SiXXX isn’t. The novel and Music for Bang Band SiXXX is not just a dark seedy expression of sexuality though. Quite the contrary. It is my way of dealing with all of my unresolved issues about the state of the world we live in and the world to come. I have a more cynical view of where the world is going than most people I talk to. I started working on the BB6 novel in 2004 and some of my gloomier predictions have actually come true.”

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