Bankrupt top 20 songs


Bankrupt biography

Bankrupt is a Budapest based three-piece punk rock group. They list both oldschool and newschool melodic punk rock and also punkabilly, rockandroll punk and garage rock as their influences. They formed in 1996 and released 6 albums so far, Listen, Bad Hair Day, Shorter than Danny DeVito, Rocket to Riot City, Razor Wires And Neon Lights, and Rewound, most of which achieved critical success all over the world. Their latest release, Rewound came out in October 2011. They have played about 300 concerts, including several big festivals, in Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Serbia and have supported internationally recognised acts like the Toy Dolls, The Creepshow, Randy, D.O.A. and The Real McKenzies.

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