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Baracuda is the name of more than one artist 1. German dance 2. underground technoid 3. hip hop 1. Baracuda is a German Dance act rooted in the hit factory Suprime Records based in Ingolstadt, near Munich. It is produced by the team Axel Konrad / Ole Wierk. The act is performed by DJ Toby Sky (Tobias Lammer) at the turntables and by the singer Suny on vocals in live acts and videos. Baracuda's singer Suny has been working with the Superime Music producers team Axel Konrad and Ole Wierk since 2003. There first hit was "Damn! (Remember The Time)" which peaked at position 12 in the German single charts selling more than 100,000 copies. Baracuda's own composition "I Leave The World Today" followed shortly and made the act also famous in other countries including Japan and Canada. After a break, 2005 was the time for releasing the next single "Ass up". It peaked at position 3 in the German Dance Charts and became Baracuda's biggest international success so far peaking at 1 in Poland's ringtone charts, at 3 in Norway's official single charts and at 5 in Finland's. In 2007, they released the party dance track La Di Da. "I Will Love Again", the next single in 2008 was a big smash in Germany. This unique cover of Lara Fabian's 1998 most popular song of the same name stayed in the top 5 of Germany's Download Charts for many weeks. In 2009, the single "Where is the Love" was released. It is a remake of Nightwish's 2007 international hit "Amaranth" with different lyrics and with Dance elements replacing the original Metal elements. 2. Baracuda is an underground technoid project known for two releases on Hybrid Structure, "Efanatal" (1999) and "Smell That Noise" (2001), as well as the "Masonic" (2002) compilation on Hymen Records. 3. Baracuda is Graham Troyer, a hip hop artist currently living in Toronto, Ontario. He has collaborated with other artists such as Noah23 and Madadam. And the Singer Is hot [by uniqez]

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