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Chanson Francaise


Artist: Barbara
Genre: Chanson Francaise
3.7 stars - based on 50 reviews
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You're walking dately and when you hold me this way
Something tells me you're more than a friend cause I can hear music play
Maybe in the midnight hours a miracle mighty covers
You just might fall in love with me and hear the song that you've never heard
You'll hear the music of love I'll sing it to you every morning and night
As long as I'm living you'll hear the music of love coming out of your heart
You'll know I could it play
And you'll know that I'm in it for you love me and you love
And the music you'll hear with your heart don't you hear it's the music of love

We were never strangers I knew I'd meet you someday
I knew I'd find somebody like you and now you won't get away
Can't you feel our hearts beat in two-part harmony
All through the night the music you'll hear is love's old melody
You'll hear the music of love...
It's the music of love it's the music of love the music of love

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