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Barton biography

On the surface, Barton’s music may sound like dance music, but there's a lot more going on both musically and lyrically for those who listen deeper. The euro-based singer-songwriter doesn't rely on common clichés. He draws from his personal life experience; adding an authenticity that is hard to find in much of today’s pop music. “My life and everything in it influences my music, both in terms of providing reference material and inspiration itself,” he explains. “Writing songs for me is a way to express myself. I can start with a poem or can simply sit at the keyboard and let the tones inspire me. My gimmick, as an artist, is that I reveal myself in my work.” Barton has been a performer for as long as he can remember. As a boy, he would sing songs he made up himself. “If I was not singing my own songs, I was learning someone else’s. I would listen to records over and over, listening and writing down every single word until I understood what everything meant.”

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