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Basement Freaks project was born in 2005 by George Fotiadis a.k.a Dj Jorhe, from Thessaloniki - Greece. He started producing music at the basement as "INTOCYRCLE" in early 2000. During these years Jorhe was infected from the metropolis sound and started mixing urban styles such as HipHop – Funk – Disco – Dub & Breakbeat. Debut CD Album "Urban Jungle" was released in 2006 by Music Kitchen, Greece. For the past 2 years, the project has been active, remixing tracks for many respected artists while at the same time, taking part in DJ gigs, and most recently releasing their debut vinyl on a new label based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA called South City Recordings. In September 2006 Jorhe joined a new electro an fast uprising project 9WEST. He also formed a jammin live project with various musicians using natural organs like the sax and percussions. He was a guest in many parties and events all around Greece and has played together with Kraak n Smaak, Shanti Roots,Inverse Cinematics, Jeru di Damaga,K Bonus,Emee Grant,Quincy Joints,Balkan Express and many more. In 2007 Dj Jorge gets on the road with a small tour in Europe where he played on several venues such as:Flex Club(Vienna)Gebaude9(Cologne) Tageins(Freiburg)Shipraje(Beograd)Arcadium(Graz). Other labels where Basement Freaks have released tracks are ESL Music, Rephrase Music, Timewarp music,Knowfoowl Records, Jazzspace & Bass, Innvision Records, Ticklejunk Recordings and Goodgrooves Recordings. RELEASES Basement Freaks – Urban Jungle – Music Kitchen Basement Freaks - Nu Hobo On Da Block EP – Timewarp Music Basement Freaks - Basement Freaks E.P – South City Recordings Basement Freaks & Quasamodo-Move Sucker - Goodgroove Records COMPILATIONS V/A - Save your funk'in ears - Timewarp Music V/A - Beep beep Remixes - Music Kitchen V/A - Freestyle 4 Funk - Timewarp Music V/A- Rephrase 2cd Remixes & Remixed - Knowfool Records REMIXES RELEASES Chris Joss - A part in the show - ESL Rephrase - Funky So & So – Rephrase music/Knowfool Music Ed Royal - Daddy Cool - Innvision Records K Bonus - Come Closer - Jazz space+bass Timewarp inc - Dop Smoker - Timewarp Music Ticklejunk All Stars-Fijar Del Sol -Ticklejunk Recordings-TBA

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