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B'avarija (eng. Blowjob ivory) is an underground progressive brutal beatbox'ish trash rap trio hailing from Руняскеип, Latvia. Deivydas Žvirkelis used to work in a Chinese restaurant during the late 70's and eventually ran into financial trouble. The band formed in 1980, after he accidentally ate Draugų Dešra, which is 3 lt for kilogram, caught maniacally based scitzophrenia and began to hallucinate. After this event he invited his two best friends to make харашая music together. Their first album "Глюки, аш пиештинис" was popular among pашн gopniks and быдло alike. The band had trouble with police of Latvia due to certain drug related issues, but the problem did not take long to be solved and soon police drove to Nirvana concert with some бутерброды in their pockets. At the Nirvana concert Putin met Rasputin which lead to American пиздаускас in 1994. Currently the band still plays live, although the vocalist is deaf due to living with his radioactive wife. Currently band consists of: Deivydas Zvineklis - vocals, guitar; Vilius Trash - drums; Juozas - just a guy

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Sportartikel. Hm. Wenn dann mal gar nichts mehr geht und ich geistig so weit bin, München als cool zu empfinden oder Brsaahtarrusur als sexy – ja, vielleicht :)