Baza top 20 songs


Baza biography

According to cultural references, baza is a Louisiana Creole word equivalent to “juke” or “houseparty.” In the chilly Northeast, somewhere between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, BaZa is a trio of ol’ Bluesmen makin’ a joyful noise. Starting in 1998 and borrowing from the catalogs of classic Delta and Chicago style Blues artists (including Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters) BaZa developed a unique sound which captures the spirit and passion of the Blues delivered with an up tempo intergenerational style. BaZa is Rich “Rico” Baldwin on electric bass and down-low vocals, Billy Parker on drums, percussive “junk” and harmonious voice and Doug Philbrook on electric and steel bodied guitars and lead vocals, hollerin’ and moanin’ for your listening pleasure.

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