Bazooka top 20 songs


Bazooka biography

1. Real Name Ralf Ferley Aliases: Aggroman, Bazook-R, Commando, Ralf Ferley 2. Italo-disco band from the mid-80's 3. 80s/90s jazz-rock band from the L.A. area that released a number of albums on seminal punk rock label SST Records. This Bazooka was centered around multi-instrumentalist Vince Meghrouni on drums/sax/harp. 4. An alias of Shohei Matsumoto, a japanese trance producer, better known as HEAVENS WiRE and 4 Skips. 5. pre. frostbite 6: Swedish band that released two albums, Wildlife Excursion and 1st Floor, Second Skin in the mid 90's see also Bazooka! 7. Taiwanese thrash metal band with one album, "Toxic Warriors", released 2009. 8. Noisy, dirty rock and roll from Greece. I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School EP to be released by Slovenly Recordings in early 2012. 9. Stoner/sludge metal band from Spain. 10. A punk band from Otago, New Zealand. 11. Berlin based Drum and Bass, Breakcore producer.

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