Beatfanatic top 20 songs


Beatfanatic biography

Beatfanatic is just one of the aliases of Ture Sjöberg, a Stockholm-based producer who has become an undisputed master of the art of the "blend": insanely great and generally downtempo remixes and edits that mash together the best aspects of various disco, funk, soul, jazz, latin dance, dancehall, roots reggae, dub, and hip-hop tracks, sometimes with the addition of a broken-beat sheen. You can find his tracks on 7" from GAMM and other small labels out of Europe, as well as the following LPs: "The Gospel According to Beatfanatic", "Around The World In 80 Beats", "Beats Cut Out, Played Back, and Souled", and "A Collection of Reworks." Sjöberg's other aliases include Discoconductor, Jazzconductor, Beatconductor, Southside Break Crew, Southside Connection, Soul Disciple, and Warehouse Choir.

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