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Before biography

Before is a danish punk band. They only made one studio recorded album, "A Wish Of Life" and a live album "Roskilde Live 1982". Before is a "punk evergreen"-band in Denmark, with the wild front singer, Fritz Fatal. He was known of being crazy, once cutting himself onstage with a razor knife just to impress a woman he knew, and loved. The band doesn't exist anymore, but in the late years of his life, Fritz, is stepping out of his memories and now is the front singer in a danish post punk band, Mental Midgets. Mental Midgets was actually formed after Fritz' breakup with Before, but they never released anything. Discography: A Wish of life Silence Sister Culture Live Roskilde 1982 ------------------------------------------------- Casper Holm: guitar Fritz "Fatal" Bonfils: vocal Lars "Tolle" Tolstoy: bas Mads Nordheim: keyboards Martin Hall: violin, live-guitar Michael Rasmussen: drummer

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