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Benito de Paula Real Name: Uday Veloso Profile: Born in Nova Friburgo (Rio de Janeiro), November 28, 1941 is a Brazilian pianist, singer and composer. He was a crooner in nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, and then continued playing at the São Paulo nights. He began his career by the label Copacabana in the early 70's. His musical style is known as "samba jewel" by combining the traditional samba with piano, romantic and jazzy arrangements. His first album "Benito Di Paula" in 1971, was censured for bringing the song "Apesar de Você" by Chico Buarque. His second LP, "Ela" also has brought great success. But burst the charts with the third, "Um Novo Samba" which had appeared on the cover with his long beard and hair, numerous chains, earrings, bracelets, etc.. The great success of this album was the song "Retalhos de Cetim". He had many successes throughout his career as "Charlie Brown", "Vai Ficar na Saudade" "Se Não For Amor", "Amigo do Sol, Amigo da Lua" e "Mulher Brasileira". Reached in 70 years, competing for the sale of LPs along with Roberto Carlos, have composed many songs for this. He commanded the "Benito di Paula e seus convidados - Brasil Som 75" TV show. He has over 35 albums recorded, and an important part of his work re-released on CD, due to the success of his songs. It's to succeed at the international level as in Mexico, Japan, the United States and especially in Latin America. Had part of his story in the book "Eu Não Sou Cachorro Não" the historian, journalist and writer from Bahia Paulo César de Araújo. After 10 years without recording, Benito di Paula launched in 2009 by EMI Music his second CD and first live DVD, recorded live in Rio, and that brings its greatest hits, like "Retalhos de Cetim", "Sanfona Branca" e "Charlie Brown".

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