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Berliner Symphoniker (Berlin Symphony Orchestra) ia a Symphony orchestra in Berlin, Germany. The orchestra began its performing activity on 1 September 1967 as Symphonisches Orchester Berlin. In 1990 it was renamed Berliner Symphoniker. Its chief conductor since 1997 is Lior Shambadal. From 1967 to 1990 the orchestra was named Symphonisches Orchester Berlin (SOB). The orchestra originates from the merger of two independent orchestras, the Berliner Symphonisches Orchester (founded in 1949) and the Deutsches Symphonieorchester. The Symphonisches Orchester Berlin used to perform some 60 concerts per year in- and outside Berlin. Its first chief conductor was Carl August Bünte until 1973. His successors included Theodore Bloomfield, Daniel Nazareth and Alun Francis.

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