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B.G. was born and raised in Compton,California on January 23, 1975. His real name: Arlandis Hinton he later converted to Islam and goes By his muslim name: Al Hasan Naqiyy. He served a prison sentence for Gang affiliated murder in 1998 and did time for ten-twelve years. He Converted to Islam in Jail and was released from Prison in August 2006. BG knocc along with Dresta also dropped various disses towards Snoop Dogg,Nate Dogg,Dr Dre and Kurupt. B.G Knoccout was signed to Eazy-E's label known as 'Ruthless Records' he was half of the duo 'BG Knocc Out & Dresta' Dresta is also BG Knocc's biological brothers,they had a song together titled: 'Real brothaz' B.G. Knocc (also known as Knoccie),Rose to fame when he featured on the song 'Real muthaphukkin G's' alongside Eazy-E, and brother,Gangsta Dresta. The song was a diss towards Deathrow records,mainly towards Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre whom Eazy-E had Beef with at the time. The beef later died down during the time of Eazy-E's death,Also due to the death of Nate Dogg in 2011,BG Knocc stated in an interview he had wished he 'reached out to him'. B.G. Knocc still makes music and has released solo projects including an Album Titled: 'Eazy-E's Protege' which was a tribute towards the Late Eazy-E who was also responsible for helping BG Knocc's rise to fame. Many of the songs featured are tributes toward Eazy-E including a song titled: 'N' my Prime'. In 2012 He released a second solo album titled Nutty By Nature, The title is a reference to the block he was raised on, Nutty Block in Compton, California.

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