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There are multiple artists with the name "Black Ace". 1) Black Ace was the most frequently used stage name of American blues musician Babe Kyro Lemon Turner (b 21 December 1907, Hughes Springs, Texas – d 7 November 1972, Fort Worth, Texas), who was also known as B.K. Turner, Black Ace Turner or Babe Turner. He was raised on the family farm, and taught himself to play guitar, performing in east Texas from the late 1920s on. During the early 1930s he began playing with Smokey Hogg and Buddy Woods, a Hawaiian-style guitarist who played with the instrument flat on his lap. Turner then bought a National steel guitar, and began playing what one later critic called "Hawaii meets the Delta," smooth and simple blues. In 1937 Turner recorded six songs (possibly with Hogg as second guitarist) for Chicago's Decca Records in Dallas, including the blues "Black Ace". In the same year, he started a radio show in Fort Worth, using the cut as a theme song, and soon assumed the name. In 1941 he appeared in The Blood of Jesus, an African-American movie produced by Spencer Williams Jr.. In 1943 he was drafted into the army, and gave up playing music for some years. However, in 1960, Arhoolie Records owner Chris Strachwitz persuaded him to record an album for his label. His last public performance was in a 1962 documentary, The Blues, and he died of cancer in 1972. 2) Black Ace is an Hardcore DJ\Music producer from Russia. His songs was released on J-Core Masterz Vol.5 by Mob Squad Tokyo Black Label and now he 'spreading wings' by releasing songs under this label. He also play his music on internet event 'Otaku Hardcore Revolution' and sometimes he work with Loli-Hunter Net Label. Black Ace, sound engineer and DJ from Russia. began his creative activity with young punk-rock groups’ recordings, when he was 16. in ‘98 got totally hooked on electronic music and began studying basics of house and dream dance, got some experience of organizing simple school parties. in 2000 at long last got Playstation as a present from his parents, and the first thing he did was buying “Music” software disc”, to start composing first music of his own. in 2003 started exploring Sound Forge, Acid PRO on PC, and a little later started studying FL Studio seriously. in 2004 became into anime and entered local anime-club, which played significant part in his creative activity. from 2007 started working as a DJ at anime-parties, searching for something different from para-para and j-rock. thus, in 2008, he discovered for himself j-core and is currently hooked on it. since Black Ace got familiar with, perhaps, every possible style in a period of nearly of 10 years, and has got quite experienced with FL Studio, he started composing his own j-core things right away.

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