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There are two bands/formation with the name Black Elk. 1.) Black Elk, the band, perform an eclectic blend of metal, hardcore, sludge, alternative, art, and noise rock. Hailing from Portland, OR, United States and formed in 2005 the group is comprised of vocalist Tom Glose, guitarist Erik Trammell, bassist Don C. Capuano, and drummer Matt Latorre, and released its eponymous debut in 2006 through Crucial Blast Records. Currently Black Elk have a new drummer - Jeff Watson. Discography: 2006 || LP "Black Elk" The eponymous debut is a raging destructo rock eruption, heavy, catchy, and flattening. This ten song album contains a creeped out conglom of carnivorous charred hardcore punk, the sludgy power of primo Pacific Northwest tarpit rawk (think KARP, MELVINS, and early SOUNDGARDEN as reference points), twitchy Midwestern noise rage somewhere between Am Rep Records (circa-1991) and a more rabid DIE KREUZEN, and a goatheaded psychedelic backwoods black mass / dance party risen to a freakin' fever pitch. Produced by Mike Lastra at Smegma Studios (EARTH, THRONES, JACKIE O MOTHERFUCKER). 2008 || LP "Always a Six, Never a Nine" Always a Six, Never a Nine is the second album and the follow up to the 2006 self-titled debut. This album features ten songs of seething weirdness, with the dissonant, crushing riffage, lunging rhythmic push and awesome freaked out, Yow-esque vocals of singer Tom Glose that made their debut a fave among anyone who remembered the days when Amphetamine Reptile ruled the underground rock scene, but with some interesting new elements (bleak, blackened guitar ambience, a smattering of piano, skyreaching guitar harmonies, etc.) that add new shadows to Black Elk's ferocious sound. 2.) Black Elk is the quartet of Ian Hawgood, Tim Martin (Maps and Diagrams), Danny Norbury and Clem Leek. Whilst Ian and Tim take over acoustic, electronic, mixing and compositional duties, Danny is on cello and Clem on piano.

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