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Black Shadow founded by Lord Demogorgon in winter of 2004. First line-up: Lord Demogorgon - vocals, guitars Asmodeus - guitars Morbid - bass In the end of 2004 band recorded first album, entitled "Конец Света" ("Doomsday" in English). Soon Morbid left the band and Gorgulas joined into Black Shadow. Renewed line-up: Lord Demogorgon - vocals, bass Asmodeus - guitars Gorgulas - guitars The band had some concerts to support first album, thereafter the band entered studio and second album, entitled "Зов Смерти" (Call Of The Death) was done in winter of 2005. This album was released by More Hate Productions. Soon band refused this label. Third album - "Царство Зла" (Kingdom Of Evil) released by S.B.M. Records in winter of 2006. The band refused live peformance and canceled mini-tour throughout cities of Russia. Soon Gorgulas was fired for ideological reason. Black Shadow gone to underground. Fourth album of Black Shadow named "Ада Возмездие Лжепророчным Тварям" (Hell Retribution To False-Prophetical Scums) released in September of 2006. This time album recorded only by two bandmembers: Lord Demogorgon - vocals, guitars, bass Asmodeus - guitars, backing vocals Compilation of previously unreleased compositions (created in 2002) and recordings from first live performance released in april of 2007 under the name "Против бога - Во имя Тьмы!" (Against the god - In The Name Of Darkness!) limited to 100 copies. In summer of 2009 new member joined into the band: Alefpeneash - guitar. The band started working on new material for upcoming album, planned to release in spring of 2011. Alefpeneash left the band in winter of 2011, his place took session guitarist. On 25 May of 2011 S.B.M. Records released new album of Black Shadow - "Пробуждение Чёрного Дракона" (Awakening of the Black Dragon). Album was recorded at SoundHellStudio. In recording participated: Lord Demogorgon - vocals, guitars, bass and keys; Asmodeus - guitars. Album contains 11 new songs, composed by Lord Demogorgon. On 25 March 2012 More Hate Productions will release new album of Black Shadow - "...Сквозь Чёрное Пламя Молоха..." (Through Black Flame of Moloch). Album contains 7 new songs and in lyrical content supplements previous album.

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