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Bliss n Eso are an ARIA award winning Australian hip hop group based in Sydney, Australia and were originally known as Bliss n' Esoterikizm. They formed in 2000. From an early stage in their career, Bliss N Eso primarily built their fan base from their compelling and energetic live performances. An exhilarating blend of fluid rhymes and banging beats teamed with beat boxing, impromptu freestyling and seamless turntablism make their live shows a brand in their own right, and has seen the group hailed as one of the best live acts in the country. After four years of touring with consistently powerful performances, Bliss N Eso settled down in 2004 to record their first full length album Flowers In The Pavement. A virtual brainstorm on record, the emerging artists compiled track after track of wild expression through vibrant lyrics and production. The debut album met an overwhelming response from audiences and critics Australia wide. In late 2006, Bliss N Eso's second album, Day of the Dog, was released and became the first Australian hip-hop release to debut in ARIA's top 50. It also earned Bliss N Eso an ARIA nomination for Best Urban Release in 2006 with sales exceeding all benchmarks for a local hip-hop release. In 2007 Bliss N Eso travelled to North America, playing sold out shows in the North-West of the US and Canada including a stand out performance at the Whistler 2007 Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival. Upon their return, the lads embarked on the unforgettable Make Poverty History Zero Seven road trip tour and ventured on an epic journey in June 2007 with MTV and the Oaktree Foundation to some of the poorest regions in South Africa to complete the track and shoot the video clip for their next album's first single, Bullet and a Target. 2008 saw Bliss N Eso take things to a whole new level with the release of their third LP, Flying Colours. The album, which received near perfect reviews in countless media, broke all kinds of records for an Australian hip-hop act thanks to four monster singles in the form of Bullet and a Target, Woodstock 2008, The Sea is Rising and Eye of the Storm. After a top 10 ARIA debut, the album became the highest selling local hiphop album of the year and with their third nomination in as many years, Bliss N Eso took out the ARIA Award for 2008's Best Urban Release. The official album tour sold out every one of its 24 legs including an unforgettable homecoming show at Sydney's Enmore Theatre in front of 2,500 lucky ticket holders. After ten phenomenal years, these three troublemakers from Sydney's suburbs are officially in unchartered territory – which is exactly where they like to be. Bliss N Eso has just released their latest album called running on air. Debuting at the end of july featuring there latest hit down by the river (link below for their new film clip) . there album is on its way of becoming a great succsess like all their previouse albums.

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