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BOBBY is the name of three groups (pictured is 1st Bobby): 1) Kim Jiwon (김지원), born December 21, 1995, better known by the stage name Bobby (바비), is a South Korean hip hop rapper and member of the South Korean boy group iKON. He is the winner of the third season of Mnet's rap survival program "Show Me the Money". He unofficially debuted in the reality TV show "WIN: Who Is Next?" as a member of Team B (B팀). 2) BOBBY first attempted to make contact with Tom Greenberg (Twiglet) at college, but no one really noticed BOBBY until everyone had already graduated. He had, in all likelihood, been there since early ’09—a stowaway on Uncle Marth’s back chunk—soaking up all the sick milk he could stick his soft little hands into. When Tom finally did meet him face to face in the Spring of 2010, Bobby became nervous and got sick all over his little brown tap shoes and turned into a mist. He was naught but vapor for a whole month, but soon after that, they fell in together; Tom making tunes to accompany Bobby’s sad dances. After a few shows put on for the local ghouls down at the rotary club, it was clear BOBBY had talent, and Tom started making plans for a BIG SHOW. A group was to be assembled. He got together a few of his college buds that he knew played music. He put Martin Zimmermann (Chunk) on the cans, Paolo Menuez (Pillow) on thweedles, Julian Labat (Crumbles) on low-end, Roby Moulton (Moldy) on wisps and got Molly Sarle (of Mountain Man) to contribute vocally, at the request of BOBBY himself. The resulting sound was a swollen lump of blooming, techni-color spores cast adrift on a warm bed of foam. Unfortunately, it was all a bit too much for Bobby. On the night of the BIG SHOW, he once again got worked up and became sick all over Chunk. BOBBY fled the stage as a mist. Despite BOBBY’s sudden and unexpected departure, the band soldiered on with the performance. The crowd was hurt and angry at first (why had their beloved, lethargic, dancing wunderkind abandoned them?), but the heaving waves of sonorous tones soon spilled into their restless hearts. The recordings from the show caught the ear of Tim Putnam, who quickly signed the group to his label, Partisan Records. Hot off the success of the BIG SHOW, the group decided to shack up together. They found a suitable home in western Massachusetts in the town of Montague; a ‘ranch’ style house nestled between a giant gravel pit and a wilderness preserve complete with a filled-in pool and busted sauna. In the crucible of isolation, and in preparation for their recording debut, the blooming lump of spores that they had cultivated for the BIG SHOW blossomed even further. The music was going well, but a name for the group still eluded them. For many months they struggled with this, but in the end decided to name it after their missing front man, BOBBY, still assumed to be lurking as a dark mist within the music. 3) 1998 BOBBY was formed in Stockholm, Sweden by longtime friends Torben (synthesizers) and Julian (Vocals). By that time BOBBY was like from another planet with their positive popsongs and romantic synthesizers. Julian and his bass joins the band Kamera (98-01) 1999 BOBBY first demo lands them a contract with Air Chrysalis Scandinavia. (Space beside you, Will you still love me tomorrow, Love is the answer) Torben joins Kamera as the band starts playing a more electronic kind of 80's style. 2000 First live performance at an overcrowded Mosebacke, Stockholm. 2001 Julian and Torbens goes to Mexico, writing over 20 songs, -The Mexico Session. (Among those songs are "Burning Sun" and "She's History"). 2002 BOBBY tours Sweden as a part of the Model Search Tour. BOBBY plays at "About to break" at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm. 2003 The debut album "Romantic & Bleeding" was finaly released on Imperial Recordings, including the singles "Sooner or later" (P3, SVT Lilla Aktuellt, TV5 comercial, ZTV, Live P3 Star.) "Losing control" (Top 20, P3, Sommartoppen, Okejdagen, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Tracks, SVT Combo, ZTV) and "Tonight let's show the world" (Rix Fm, Hitvarning P3, Svensktoppen, Pridefestivalen, SVT 24 Nöje.) This year studio technician, super musician and good friend Lars, was a full time member of BOBBY 2004 Fanfavorite radio promo single "Come crashing in" (P3, MTV Nordic Top 20) was released on their own label, BBmusic. In the summer of 04 Julian and Torben were looking for a drummer and guitarist, it all turned out to be the start of a new band, The PaperFaces. Julian and his bass joins Lustans Lakejer as a support act of Kraftwerk at Arvikafestivalen. 2005 BOBBY released the summersingle "She's History" (P5, P4 Riks, also appearing on hitcollection MR. Music 9, Expressens Sommarturné.) During the "She's History" session, the recordings, the video, gigs, Andy A (The PaperFaces, Melody Club) sat behind the drums. BOBBY performing on stage for the the last time before the timeout at Gröna Lund, Stockholm. 2006 The PaperFaces "DiscoBoy" (P3, Hultsfredsfestivalen) and "The Breakin' Up EP" with the single "Breakin' Up" (MTV, ZTV, P3 Svea, P5) was released. 2007 BOBBY´s back, recording new materal. The new single, "Another Day (No Ones Fault") is set for a release in april! Julian and his bass joins Lustans Lakejer at Melodifestivalen 07.

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